• what is a referral?


    1. an act of referring; the state of being referred.
    2. an instance of referring.
    3. a person recommended to someone or for something.

  • how do I become an affiliate?

    sign up as an affiliate

    earn points this way

    redeem points for rewards

  • ways to earn points


    Purchase from our partners

    Purchase from our partner stores. Tap our card and earn points! It's as easy as that!



    Buy a Calgary Zoo membership and get a 10,000 points credit.


    New year, new points!

    On New Year's Day, you will get free 5 points credit.
    It's on us!


    Buy them

    Buy 10,000 points @ $1,000.


    Gift them

    Gift 1,000 points to bf.


    Play games

    Conquer our games.


    Refer Us

    Refer us to your friends to earn points!


    Sharing is caring

    Donate $5 to Calgary Zoo and get a 50 points credit.


    Follow Scribble

    Join our social media platforms and follow the guide lines for more points!


    And watch this space

    Many more options are coming up soon! Bookmark this page!

  • play our games

    conquer and earn points

  • join as an affiliate

    Do your friends a good turn, by referring them to an opportunity, product or service. You make a fee when a purchase is made.

  • Affiliate Unlimited Club

    Affiliate6 | You have a referral who is a customer, 6 months running. You know your stuff.


    Affiliate12 | You have a referral who is a customer, 12 months running. You're awesome.


    Affiliate24 | You have a referral who is a customer, 24 months running. You were born this way.

  • affiliate status

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